Our Journey

In 2011, U-Doodle was the dream of two young thinkers and close friends. Together, they discovered a shared but hidden addiction to doodling. Shortly after, the two sought other 'doodle-addicts'. With a growing community of 'doodlers', U-Doodle quickly became a national public arts organization - hosting creative meet-ups, experimenting with interactive arts projects around the city, and adapting itself to the needs of schools, businesses, foundations, government organizations, and international nonprofits.  More national exposure attracted more professional artists and partners. And, with this growth, the U-Doodle team decided to carefully measure it's next steps.

During a short break, U-Doodle incubated at the prestigious Harvard University Innovation Lab - preparing for a relaunch in 2015. Today, U-Doodle emerges with an eye towards the future; combining all that it's learned to bring more value and more impact to the corporate world. This time, we're doing something different. 

U-Doodle is a socially-driven agency, connecting the world's most impressive artists, educators and entrepreneurs with opportunities to improve the way businesses, foundations, governments, and nonprofit organizations impact the world. 

Entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, relationship building, and dialogue are all forms of art and all have the potential to be an act of citizenship and democracy. 

It is up to us to use our art, and our daily acts of citizenship, on behalf of the greater Good. 

From college campuses, to national conferences, to corporate board rooms, and urban public schools; U-Doodle's experienced it all.  

Along the way, we've encountered fast-paced businessmen pushing out the next big product to change the word. We've met specialized artists honing their skills to craft a new inspiring mural. We've witnessed strangers hugging, exchanging phone numbers and even crying together - realizing the value of caring relationships in human every endeavor. And , finally, we've listened to lively debates that challenged people to re-evaluate their point-of-view and pushed them towards common-ground with their counterparts.  With these learnings, we built U-Doodle.