Corporate Social Responsibility

For our corporate social responsibility programs we blend your team-building, mural-making, workshop with a volunteering and mentorship experience. Based on your needs and interests, we partner with a community center or nonprofit near your office for the project. Your workshop will include both staff from your company and local youth, in order to blend these two experience to benefit your company and the local community. The workshop can take place off-site at a local community center, or on a street corner. Or, the workshop can take place on-site at your office. Whichever fits your needs.

We work directly with your organization to find the best 'fit' and maximal value when it comes to social impact and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Community service can be easy and pleasant. But, rarely do both communities and organizations truly benefit.

Locals must be empowered to lead social change efforts from within their community. Organizations must benefit from the investments it makes in community and social change. This is why we focus on three pillars of impact when it comes to CSR:

(1) Alignment,

(2) Shared ownership, and

(3) Visibility. 


Our team of nonprofit professionals learns about your company in depth to understand your purpose, people and brand. We link you within our network of social-benefit organizations to partner you with social initiatives that most align with your company.

We make sure that CSR is no longer a chore. Instead, it's a purpose-driven and people-centered investment for the good of the community and your brand. 

Shared Ownership:

Our network of professional artists and educators design arts-based initiatives for your company and the community to co-create tangible products for the benefit of everyone involved. This process gives both your team and the community a sense of co-ownership, and ultimately of mutual responsibility. 

Rather than making CSR about just 'giving away charity', we strive for everyone involved to feel jointly responsible for the products they create together, and the impact they seek. 


Our marketing experts see the long-term vision for how your impact would look at scale. With this foresight, we leverage our knowledge and connections to deliver news of your positive work to the right people.

We know that what happens locally can have global impact as well. Yet, too often the best CSR work goes without a ripple on the world. That is why we aim for high visibility coverage for any CSR initiative that involves you. 

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